Atal tinkering lab

  Atal Tinkering lab is designed to help and nurture innovation amongst young innovators .The scheme allows the students to explore new ideas. It provides activity based learning with a ......

Basketball ball court

  The basketball court is a playing surface consisting of a rectangular floor with baskets at each end. Our basketball court is situated behind the school with an area for students to.....

School Library

  Library is a part and parcel of our school. It is a place where students and staff have access to a variety of resources. The library in our school has a lot of books ......

Students Play ground

  Our play ground is one which provides opportunity for children to practise skills that will ultimately play a role in child competency. The activities are planned to strengthen students........

Science Lab

  Our school has well equipped laboratory for physics, chemistry and biology. Science lab equipment allows students to interact with the data gathered. Our science lab allows students to gain hand......


  • I learned in Jai Rani from my 1st to 10...I can undoubtedly say that its the best CBSE school in Balussery.. Ardra Ram

  • Jai rani is always the best........will never forget those days........Santhra Santhosh

  • One of the best CBSE school in Kozhikode.Parvathy Shaji