Annual Report

School Annual Report 2022-23

Jai Rani SABS Public School established in the year 1997 is run by the congregation sisters of Adoration of the blessed Sacrament venerable of God, Mar Thomas Kurialassery established SABS to spread the light of education with faith and moral values.

Annual report reveals the reflections of academic year 2022-23. We invite you to join the legacy of excellence for 24 years in the field of education.

Let’s have a glance at the saga behind our dynamic success. Here comes the annual report to catalogue our endeavours to reveal our success during the period of 2022-23. Jai Rani SABS Public School aims to serve as a centre of immersive learning and practice with innovation and value driven pedagogy. The year gone by provides us the ample evidences that our results are in consonance with vision.

After a long summer break once again Jai Rani SABS Public School opened its gates wide to the school students on June 3rd. Jai Rani SABS Public School welcomes the students to the new academic year 2022-23 with her own charm to the core of knowledge. On June 6th the 1st standard students stepped into the garden of our school to suck the nectar of knowledge with an invocation by the school choir. Sr.Melvin, the Principal welcomed them with an influential speech. We are blessed with 708 students and 37 teaching staff and 5 non-teaching staff. Our chief guest Rev.Fr.John Kalariparambil instructed the students to set their minds in goals and achieve them being closer to God and teachers.

  • School Assembly
    School assembly is one of the important aspects which adds value to the schools curriculum. Every month based on a virtue assemblies are conducted by all classes which provide an emotional outlet for students.
  • Bloom 2022
    To create a sense of harmony students are divided into four houses. House wise competitions are conducted graded and recorded. The school prepares the students for challenges by providing them ample opportunities Bloom 2022, School Kalotsav was conducted.
  • ReadingDay
    Jai Ranians believe that reading a passage which leads to the valley of knowledge. An open arena for elocution was organised and winners were rewarded during P N Panickers commemoration. Mr.Noufal Panangad, prolific poet presided over the function, and nourished us with his precious words.
  • InternationalYogaDay
    Yoga is a wellness technology for the mind and body. To honour the pure vibe of June 21st, the International Yoga day, Jai Ranians celebrated the Yoga day and displayed various asanas along with the rhythm of breathing.
  • FarewelltoSr.Philo
    Our former Principal Sr.Philo was given a heart touching farewell on 08-06-2022. She had pivotal role in elevating our school to its present status.
  • Drug Abuse Day
    Shouldering the responsibility to detach our students from the world of drug, Ulliyery Civil Excise officer Mr.Raghunath C and Ms. Akhila created awareness to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving the goal of a world free of drug abuse.
  • Investiture Ceremony
    Investiture ceremony was organised on July 4th foreseeing the welfare of students to train them in leadership. The school students council was elected after democratic process. Master Ayush M and Kum Rithuvarna were elected as school prefects of the year 2022-23. Rev.Fr.Cherian Ponganpara presided over the meeting blessed the occasion. Democratically elected students were pinned the badges of responsibility.
  • ParentTeacherAssociation
    Here we have the perfect equilibrium. The most overwhelming key to child’s success is the positive involvement of parents, we have a cadre of enthusiastic parents with high expectations. In the general body meeting new executive members were elected with Mr Prashanth as PTA President and Mrs. Reshma Nishad as vice president. Mega and micro events began to roll with renewed energy.
  • Plaudits
    Victory is gained by resolution and determination. An academic year of triumph and achievement for our students of batch 2021. 35 Students passed out with colours of 1000 rainbows. Valedictory Ceremony was organized to the students who brought astonishing results to the school. Master Anand Shriram scored 98.7% marks and positioned himself as the topper and Delna Sivadas scored 96% and stood next to him.
  • Teacher’s Seminar
    Our teachers are constant learners with the policy of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills. Our teachers attended various workshops and seminars to improve the academic transactional skill and update the capabilities. Mr.Sunil Alex was the resource person. He assisted our teachers to upgrade the knowledge according to the current scenario.
  • Independence Day
    Freedom in mind faith in words Pride in our souls. August 15th the gamut of Independence Day was marked with myriad of programme such as Elocution competition, Quiz and patriotic song. Rt.Col Jayarajan O K has hoisted the Tricolour flag and delivered an inspiring speech.
  • Feast of Jai Rani
    We celebrated the Fest of our heavenly patron Saint, Jai Rani on 23rd August. The students lit the candles and moved in procession as a divine presence.
  • Sports Day
    Sports day was conducted to inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsman ship among the students. The students of four houses displayed the physical process. A wide array of events gave our students to an opportunity to display the talents.
  • Onam
    Onam is a festival of harmony. This year Onam celebration and and Teacher’s Day was a clubbed programme. We celebrated Onam in a pompous manner. Children brightened Campus with their colourful ethnic wear in the traditional attire of Kerala. A teacher is a person who inspires hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning. Various programmes organised by the students made the Teacher’s day a cherishable one.
  • QuizCompetitions
    We conducted quizzes to expand the breadth of knowledge. The students are cinched to discover, develop and hone skills of various subjects. Exuberating, motivating and engaging would describe the quiz competitions of our school.
  • DeepikaChildren’s League
    Deepika children’s league is the largest Children’s organisation in India. With a view to promote the virtue of ‘Vasudevakudumbakam’, Rev. Fr. Roy Kannanchira adorned the occasion with his gracious presence. He promoted the influence of DCL among children.
  • Keralapiravi
    In order to commemorate the formation of Kerala as an independent state Kerala Piravi was celebrated on November 1st. Rev.Mother Elsa Paikala, General Councillor was the chief guest.
  • Children’s Day
    We celebrated Children’s Day on 14th Nov 2022 with great festive fervour to commemorate the 129th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Mr.Baby Akat, Rtd.HM Nirmala UP School, Chamal was the chief guest and created awareness among children regarding the roles and responsibility.
  • General Exhibition
    The application of class room learning cab be best done through the General Exhibitions. The exhibition conducted on November 26th explored the creative talents of students and force us to think outside the box.
  • Principal’s Day
    We have organized an event to thank our Principal. A day to express our love and concern towards our premier. Principals day our guiding star Sr. Melvin’s day was featured with students organising cultural programs to express our love and appreciation.
  • Christmas
    An ambience of merriment was created in the Christmas day. Children enjoyed the beats of jingle bells. Christmas cakes and cribs fill the entire campus. Rev.Fr.Rajesh Pallikkavayalil was the chief guest who spread the Christmas message. The Christian devotional album of versatile writer Mrs.Reshma Nishad was released by Fr.Rajesh.
  • District Mini Athletics
    It was indeed a remarkable achievement to Jaranians by bagging the overall trophy. Mini athletics meet held at Medical college ground. A stunning spectacle our athletics team radiated unblemished lustre of institution of our proclaiming a placid attitude to students and teachers. Theme dance for the meet was performed by Jai Ranians.

All great achievements spring from the efforts of many and blessings of God Almighty. This academic year was an eventful period for our school. We would definitely strive to realize our thoughts into action.


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