School Management Committee

1 Sr.Valsamma K A Adoration Provincialate, Thamarassery, 9207932212 [email protected] Manager, Jai Rani SABS Public School Balussery Chairman 3 yrs
2 Sr.Lucy N C Adoration Provincialate, Thamarassery 9048008184 [email protected] Asst.Manager Jai Rani SABS Public School Balussery Vice Chairman 3 yrs
3 Sr.Simy Scaria Adoration Convent, Balussery, 9539985678, [email protected] Principal, Jai Rani SABS Public School Balussery Member Secretary 3 yrs
4 Sr.Soly P C Adoration Convent Balussery, 7560844979, [email protected] Vice Principal Jai Rani SABS Public School Member 3 yrs
5 Mr. Girijan K SIVADAM, Balussery P O, Kozhikode 673612 9447455235 Teacher Parent Member 3 yrs
6 Ms.Reshma Nishad Kizhakkayil Poonath Balussery Writer Parent Member 3 yrs
7 Mrs.Nycymol Joseph Mundamplakkal, Cherukkad P O, 8113019150 Teacher, Jai Rani SABS Public School Balussery Teacher Member 3 yrs
8 Mrs. Reena John Thakidipurath Koorachundu Kozhikode 8086216906 [email protected] Teacher, Jai Rani SABS Public School Balussery Teacher Member 3 yrs
9 Rev.Fr.Subin Kizhakkeveettil START Kottooli Kozhikode, 9744458111 Director START Kozhikode Nominated Member 3 yrs
10 Mr.Mony Yohannan KPCM Sree Narayana Vidyalayam Chathamangalam Principal KPCM Sree Narayana Vidyalayam Member 3 yrs
11 Mrs.Haney Paul Kozhumattathil, Koorachundu Teacher, St.Mary's HSS, Kallanode Teacher from other school 3 yrs
12 Mrs. Nishara U K Thamburu (H) Balussery mukku Kozhikode 673612 9745220890 Teacher St.Thomas HSS Koorachundu Teacher from other school 3 yrs
13 Mr.Sonimon Xavier Karivelicka, Thambalamanna, Thiruvampady 9495696913 PRO, Jai Rani SABS Public School Member 3 yrs
14 Sr.Sindhu Adoration convent Nellipoyil Kozhikode 9645661463 Teacher St.John's UPS Manjuvayal Member 3 yrs
15 Sr.Shency O.T. Adoration Provincialate, Thamarassery 9562898781 Teacher Nazareth U P School Kattippara Member 3 yrs
16 Mr.Chandran P K Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1 East Hill 9747360190 Principal , Kendriya Vidyalaya Principal from KV 3 yrs
17 Sr. Smitha Alex Adoration Convent, Balussery [email protected] 8590003816 Teacher, Jai Rani SABS Public School Member 3 yrs
18 Adv.Mathew Alex Malepparambil, Balussery, Kozhikode 673612 9496314438 Advocate Member 3 yrs
19 Dr.Chacko K V Kalamparambil (H) Alphonsa College, Thiruvambady 673603 Principal Alphonsa College Thiruvampady Member 3 yrs

Principal Message

Profesor Name
Sr. Simy Scaria

  “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare day” – Malcolm X
 I am honoured and exceptionally privileged to be the Principal of Jai Rani SABS Public School, Balussery. We are confident and believe that God has blessed us in so many ways. We believe that each child is a special gift of God and is gifted with lot of potential. Jai Rani imparts education to children to develop their knowledge, skills, moral values, positive thinking and the attitude of giving to the less privileged of society.
 The aim of our education is to open up the minds of students & prepare them to face the world. As the principal of this esteemed institution, I urge all my students to:
Imagine with all their mind, Believe with all their heart & Achieve with all their might.
“My God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” - (Phil 4:19)


  • I learned in Jai Rani from my 1st to 10...I can undoubtedly say that its the best CBSE school in Balussery.. Ardra Ram

  • Jai rani is always the best........will never forget those days........Santhra Santhosh

  • One of the best CBSE school in Kozhikode.Parvathy Shaji